A Shower So Good,
It Can Help Children Live
Healthier Lives.

Help children gain access to basic sanitation and hygiene with every purchase of a GENIE Hand Shower at the Shower for Good benefit sale event. 100% of proceeds will fund the LIXIL-UNICEF “Make A Splash” program.


Eastwood Mall Central Park Open Area


15th December 2018
10:00AM – 9:00PM

All pre-ordered GENIE Hand Showers are to be collected at the event venue.

American Standard
Shower for Good” Benefit Sale

As part of the LIXIL Group, the American Standard brand plays its part to improve basic sanitation globally. On 15 December 2018, four countries in Asia – India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, will simultaneously mount a benefit sale of American Standard GENIE Hand Showers with 100% of proceeds to be donated to the LIXIL-UNICEF “Make A Splash” program. In India, all proceeds will be donated to the UNICEF India WASH program.

Fittingly named Shower for Good, consumers who buy a GENIE Hand Shower will be able to enjoy a great shower experience and at the same time help disadvantaged children live healthier lives through access to basic sanitation. What’s more, GENIE Hand Shower will be sold for a specially discounted price at ₱595 each.

With your support, the benefits of a great shower extend not just to you and your family, but to a child whose life may change for good. The Shower for Good event will help give disadvantaged children access to clean water and basic sanitation and hygiene.

Make a pledge to purchase GENIE Hand Shower and help children live healthier lives.

All pre-ordered GENIE Hand Showers are to be collected at the event venue.

“Make A Splash”

LIXIL and UNICEF have formed a ground-breaking international partnership to tackle global sanitation challenge. The partnership will contribute to bringing safe and clean toilets to the one in three people around the world who do not have access to basic sanitation.

Together, through “Make A Splash”, both parties will contribute to global efforts to improve access to basic sanitation for 250 million people around the world by 2021.

For more information, please visit: https://www.lixil.com/en/makeasplash/

GENIE Hand Shower

Placing comfort, hygiene and aesthetics at its forefront, award-winning American Standard GENIE Hand Shower boasts better water pressure performance because of an especially designed water channel and 120 micro spray holes that ensure a robust water flow, even under a low pressure. Sporting a rarely seen translucent shower face, GENIE Hand Shower is revolutionary in its product design that prompts users to clean the slime and mineral deposits, and a back cover of the hand shower that can be easily removed with any round-headed key. Made of polycarbonate for durability, GENIE Hand Shower is available in three colours – aquamarine, petal pink and steel grey.

For more product information, please visit here.

Petal Pressure

Robust shower pressure yet gentle on your skin

Easy Clean

Designed with a removable back cover for easy removal of limescale, mold or dirt in the hand shower.

Water Saving

Increases shower pressure without increasing the volume of water.